The Bazaar

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Remote work on streamer and esports team owner Andrey "Reynad" Yanyuk's strategy/card game "The Bazaar". You build your strategy throughout each game which makes every game a new experience. While a competitive game, The Bazaar aims to reach a broad audience with simple, yet deep design.

Genre: Strategy/Card Game, Deck-builder
Team Size: Small
Duration: 9 months (ongoing project)
Engine: Unity
Platform: PC & Mobile

Joining the small development team, my role was to help with all aspects of design. I mostly worked on what I and the other developers felt would contribute most to the project at the time. Partly due to time zones, I worked individually and brought materials to meetings for discussion.

  • Overall had my hands on everything design and some UX/UI
  • Figuring out design guidelines and goals (target audience, complexity, amount of player interaction, etc.)
  • Balancing design space and simplistic design
  • Figuring out possible card mechanics within current systems
  • Class archetypes and their card types/synergies
  • The high importance of being concise and clear when suggesting changes/mechanics, or pointing out flaws in the design.
  • Importance of having a common project vision and goals when making design decisions. 
  • The value of studying other games, especially within the same genre or type.

The development process of The Bazaar can be followed through videos uploaded to Reynad’s and The Bazaar’s Youtube channels. In these videos, everything from design decisions to art is included and discussed. Below are some of the design issues we had to tackle.

The Bazaar strives to be a casual competitive game that you play with one input. Keeping the numbers of actions you’d have to take during a turn as low as possible was important to keep it casual.

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Custom character class made in Google Sheets before being hired (card library with types and distributions).